The Adaptation Benefits Mechanism (ABM) is a results-based finance mechanism that aims to attract public and private sector funding to projects and programmes that enable households, communities, economies, and ecosystems to adapt to and build resilience against the adverse effects of climate change.


The ABM introduces certified adaptation benefits, which are obtained through a rigorous approval and verification process. It provides valuable information for transparency in accordance with the Paris Agreement and other reporting obligations, including those related to the Sustainable Development Goals, corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, the Global Reporting Initiative, and the United Nations Global Compact. The purchase or off-taking of certified adaptation benefits generates a revenue stream or additional revenue stream for adaptation and resilience initiatives that would not otherwise be feasible.


In order to accomplish this, the ABM Executive Committee has finalized a set of key guidelines for resilience project developers seeking funding for implementation through the Adaptation Benefits Mechanism. The guidelines can be found below.

Guidelines for Methodology & Project Developers